Living Among Them Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization founded in the U.S. in 2007 with the vision to serve, disciple and love the "least of these" in Chiapas, Mexico. Lance and Sarah Keeling launched Living Among Them Ministries as a means of promoting and raising support for their family's missionary work in southern Mexico.

After applying for and obtaining 501c3 status, a Board of Directors was formed with 4 founding members to help oversee the establishment of clear guidelines for raising funds, as well as provide financial and spiritual accountability. One board member, Marc Morrow, also began the task of creating and operating a website for the ministry and so www.livingamongthem.com was launched.

Down in Chiapas, Mexico, the Keelings quickly found themselves on the front lines of evangelism, discipleship and community outreach in a very impoverished, underdeveloped and spiritually ambiguous region of southern Mexico. They also came in contact with a nearby Christian orphanage (Casa Hogar Canaan) that was in dire need of immediate help so the Keelings began to volunteer as weekly caregivers to the orphans. Once word got out about their ministry with the orphans, certain board members back in the States decided to begin raising funds specifically for this ministry. As a result, the Rescue1More campaign was launched in 2009 as an annual fundraising platform to help the orphans of Casa Hogar Canaan. Over the years the vision grew into a partnership with many small-scale ministries on the front lines of rescuing, restoring and redeeming children with the love of Jesus Christ. The 2014 Rescue1More Run benefited over 50 orphans and rescued children in Mexico, East Asia and Thailand.

As more and more people learned about Casa Hogar Canaan, more financial support came in and more part-time volunteers as well as long-term partners began to visit and move to the area to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the orphanage and care of the children. At that time, the Keelings felt led to decrease their involvement in the orphanage and begin a church plant in their city. This is the work they have been involved in up until the present time with currently around 15 families and 40+ men, women and children attending Sunday services in their home.

In 2014, just as the Keelings were preparing to return to the States for an extended furlough, board member Marc Morrow and his family joined Living Among Them Ministries to serve as long-term missionaries in a region of East Asia where Marc previously lived and served before getting married. The Morrows sold most of their belongings, packed up the rest, and headed overseas on their new missionary assignment/adventure in July of 2015 and they are now settled into their new home and working with local brothers and sisters to grow and build up the body of Christ in their city and surrounding countryside.

It is the hope of Living Among Them Ministries that God might grow this ministry to include other families and/or individuals with former cross-cultural missionary experience who are not so much looking for a mandate or even direction from an earthly organization, but who sense a clear calling from God to a specific region/people group and are willing and eager to live among those people to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and grow God's kingdom in that place. LATM is not for everyone, but for those with former cross-cultural missionary experience, a clear calling and their own strategy for implementation...we might be the perfect fit.

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